Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most frequently asked questions below, if you did not find the answer to your specific query, please feel free to Contact our support team.

1Why you should chose WPLancing as service provider?
Your site is important for your business. So we believe, the required changes or fixes should be done in minimum time and with accuracy.
- Fast turn-around time
- Work will be done by experts and skillful WordPress developers with multiple years of experience and intensive training on WordPress CMS.
- We offer vast variety of services.
- We take each and every job seriously, as long as it WordPress.
- We charge only for the work done.
2Do you offer 24/7 Support Services?
We have 24/7 availability of expert developers, to assist you regarding your website issues.
3Can i ask a single fix on my wordpress website ?
Our Single task plan is perfect fit for your need, no prior commitment or subscription needed to avail this.
4Is there any plan for multiple websites ?
Every single plan is offered for one website only. If you have more than one website which may require support services, you may chose to signup multiple times. You have choice to switch websites once every month.
5How long it takes to complete one task ?
It depends upon the priority level of your ticket, for each task and package we sepratly provide completion time, estimated from 2 hrs to 6 hrs for Basic. Some task may take less or more time depending on the issue and complexity.
6Is there any support options other than e-mail ?
E-Mail is our top priority for communication, because its fast, effective and reliable. We often provide Live Chat and WhatsApp support to selected customers, based upon their subscription package.
7How to send a task to WPLancing via email ?
Once you are subscribed to our service, simply send your detailed request to our email: info(at) and our team will check and work on your ticket and get back to you with solution as soon as possible.
8What are the chances of Price increase of WPLancing support packages ?
We don’t change prices without talking to our customers! The price you are paying for the monthly subscription plan will remain un-changed till there is any update clearly communicated by us.

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