WordPress Security

WordPress is an Opensource CMS, it can be vulnerable due to customization, settings or usage of old versions. Our WordPress Security services are to make sure your website is Secure and protected from all known threats.

Basic WordPress Security

WordPress content management system is a prime target for hackers due to its widespread usage. It is recommended to ensure basic WordPress security.

WordPress Security Essentials

The Essential Security Service aims to mitigate this risk by implementing a series of crucial security measures for WordPress

1. Revise usernames - eliminate any admin usernames and ensure the use of complex usernames to minimize the vulnerability to brute force attacks.

2. Enforce complex passwords - ensure that all passwords are complex, lengthy, and unique to enhance security.
3. Review admin privileges - assess and reduce admin privileges to the lowest level necessary, granting privileges only when required and for specific purposes.
4. Conceal and safeguard wp-config.php and .htaccess files - prevent unauthorized access to these critical files.
5. Utilize WordPress security keys - safeguard your cookies and passwords during transmission between the browser and web server.
6. Disable file editing within WordPress - prevent hackers from modifying files if they gain access to your WordPress admin.
7. Update the login form location for admin access - minimize the risk of brute force attacks targeting the login form.
8. Restrict login attempts - limit the number of login attempts from the login form, blocking access after a certain number of failed attempts.
9. Remove the WordPress version number - eliminate valuable information for hackers regarding outdated versions.
10. Restrict logins to specific IP addresses - reject access to the admin area from IP addresses not included in the approved list.
11- Install SSL - We place your whole website under https:// and set it up with a secure certificate.