We fix WordPress problems!

We offer both emergency and ongoing WordPress technical support. 

  • Error and bug fixing 
  • WordPress website support
  • Migration & Malware cleanup

WordPress Error Fixing & Support

WPLancing helps website owners to build their online businesses without worrying about WordPress Support, errors, problems or bugs. you can hire us for instant support, or WordPress website design, maintenance, hosting, monthly or yearly support & error fixing services.

Our experts can fix any small issue of your WordPress website, and improve your site in as many ways as you can think. A few examples of our WordPress support and error fixing services are; theme or plugin issues, css or html changes, any known or strange code errors, Site Hack Recovery and prevention, Malware removal, Speed up your WordPress website, migration, backup & restore, design and hosting etc.

We are specialized in WordPress errors and bugs fixing. If you are facing any issue, problem or your website is giving you any error message, just contact us, we will help you to run your website smoothly.

Installation, configuration, design or any code error, either listed on our services page or not, order our “Instant Fix” service starting from $49.99 per task and we will put best of our resources to fix it.

We offer basic support services for WordPress website owners. Our services includes updates to your WordPress website plugins, theme and WordPress Core to latest version, minor content updates, minor design changes, element placements or backups & security checks.

Our qualified basic support staff keep check on your WordPress website and make sure your CMS is up to date and running.

WordPress is opensource and new updates & features are always there. It is always wise to update the website with latest code to stay out of troubles like virus, DDOS attacks, or any hack attempts.

You can hire us on monthly basis to provide continuous support for your WordPress website. In case you are facing any trouble and not willing to hire us for longer run, you can still get our services on task basis.

24/7  instant support for Quick Resolution of Crashed, Hacked, Or troubled wordpress website.  

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